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The Story of The Haunted Mouse

I'm Claire, the creator and owner of The Haunted Mouse. I first had the idea of starting this business in my first year of university. I have always been a part of the alternative scene, but as my body  changed and my finances changed with it, I found it increasingly hard to dress alternatively on a budget while avoiding buying from fast fashion as much as possible. Because of this, I would look in vintage stores and on Depop, but I still could only find clothes in sizes XS–M and occasionally a large. The confidence of finally finding myself a wardrobe through endless hours of hunting on eBay, at markets, and at secondhand stores has made me feel like myself again while remaining guilt-free and not setting myself back hundreds of pounds. I thought how helpful it could be for other mid-size to plus-size alt women and non-binary people to have a curated wardrobe to shop from without having to worry about the feeling of rejection the XS size tag has when you find the perfect black velvet skirt.

This, combined with my experience in prop making and set design, led me to  making handmade or reworked home decor and gifts that create the perfect witchy world in your own home.

This business is a passion for me, and I hope for it to become a positive space for everyone to indulge in their spookiest of styles and derranged decor.

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